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This web site is the home for a personal collection of memorabilia from the Star Wars movie saga, focusing mainly on items produced in Britain or for the British market, during the 'vintage' period between 1976 and 1988.

The web site is a work in progress and will be updated and expanded as I get the chance to photograph more items from my collection, or as I acquire more pieces.

I am always looking to expand my collection, and if any visitor to this site has any items that might interest me, or if you have any queries about vintage Star Wars collecting, please feel free to get in touch using the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting!

22 October 2023

Accessories - Added Palitoy ESB shelf talker

Toys & Games - Added Giant Parachute with Vader coin purse

Food - Added KP Outer Spacers Pickled Onion Spacestations packet

Household - Added sealed Cliro soap models, SW vinyl cap, Towle Sigma Vader bank

Print media - Added hand drawn Vader Activity Book artwork, Bunch Books folder

Fan Club - Added R2-D2 pen


23 July 2023

Accessories - Added Toy Fair badges and Palitoy 78, 83, 84, 85 catalogues.

Toys & Games - Added Waddingtons 1980 catalogue and Cheryl C-3PO outfit

Print Media - Added Sphere Books Vader in Flames store display standee

Fan Club - Added unused Jedi fan club kit mailer

Sound & Vision - Updated home computer games and added Chart Wars LP

Production - Updated Ep I crew patches and added Ep I black and white shirts, Ep IX Wadi Rum shirt, Book of Boba Fett shirt, and Jawa powder flask.


22 April 2023

Accessories - Added Palitoy ROTJ shelf talker, 1983 catalogue, and 1984 apology letter, and 1978 toy fair ticket.

Toys & Games - Added Airfix store display and bootleg space target game.

School supplies - updated Frankel & Roth ESB school bags

Food - Updated Burtons biscuit wrappers

Household - Added bootleg mirror and '10p off' toothbrush

Print media - Added Scandecor, Scanlite and Anabas posters

Fan Club - Added SW pen and order form, 1978 and 1981 correspondence with fans, and Skywalker fatigue jacket 

Sound & Vision - Added 'Highlights LP, Battle for Endor standee, and carded Domark ROTJ game

Production - Added Mandalorian S1 shirt, Mandalorian S2 hoodie, and R2-D2 arm clamp

27 November 2022 - 

Accessories - added Palitoy 1981 and 1982 catalogues

Toys & Games - added Palitoy Poster Art colouring posters

School supplies - added Letraset large transfers full run

Food - added unused ESB Lyons Maid wrapper and 1980 Thermos SW

lunchbox and flask set

Household - Added Penshiel UK pyjama top & carded C-3PO money bag

Print Media - added Sphere ESB press release, hardback Splinter novel,

Scandecor MTFBWY & 'pointy W' SW Heroes posters

Sound & Vision - added RSO ESB press release, and SW Super 8 reel with

Newquay shop sticker

Cinema - added Lewis Meeson Xmas catalogue, Rhodesian SW premiere

programmer and updated ROTJ cinema window stickers photo

Production- Added ESB press release folder, Andor Props Dept shirt and

R2-D2 manipulator arm grabber


24 July 2022

Toys & Games - Added Palitoy Playnts insert and plush Wicket with tag

School Supplies - Updated Thomas Salter, Factors and Fun Products images

Household - Added Factors and Bootleg tee-shirts

Print media - Added Punch Out & Make It and ESB Panorama books

Cinema - Added MTFBWY promo badge and Rank envelope with tickets

Production - Added Falcon Air Evac and Erik Kold Plast containers


10 May 2022

Household - Updated bootleg mirrors 

Cinema - Added 20th C Fox promo shirt and SW pre-Oscars quad poster


19 March 2022

Accessories - Added Chad Valley / Palitoy 1980 catalogue

Toys & Games - Added Contrac Crafts Makit & Bakit sun catchers

Print media - Added Look-In Summer Extra 1980 and Anabas posters store display

Production - Added SW triangle logo tee-shirt, microflame torch, and tupperware


26 December 2021

Accessories - Added Palitoy Jedi store display poster

Toys & Games - Added bootleg X-wing game

School Supplies - Added HCF Fancy Set, Panini Jedi stickers, and Factors stickers.

Household - Added Crown wallpaper sample, House of Ratcliff blanket sample, and Penshiel UK pyjama top

Print Media - Added Marvel Collection, Child Education Quarterly magazine

Fan Club - Added Banta Tracks tee-shirt

Sound & Vision - Added Meco single, Mattel Intellivision game, Lighting effects wheel

Production - Added R2-D2 Crew pin and Andor 'To The Set' sign


1 May 2021

Toys & Games - Updated Palitoy diecast vehicles

School Supplies - Updated Frankel & Roth bags and added Factors stickers

Print Media - Added Admiral activity books store display

Cinema - Added film reel, Odeon time sheets and Double Bill tee shirt

Cast & Crew - Added Solo Transport Crew tee shirt


14 March 2021

Multiple additions and updates to most pages

Added page for Mr Harald Lystad

17 October 2020

Accessories - Added Palitoy catalogues and AT-AT competition entry forms

Toys & Games - Added Wiley Wokling, Bootleg Laser Sword and updated Acamas masks

School Supplies - Added HCF Pencil Sharpeners box

Food - Added Walls Sausages competition form, Deeko plates packing box, and updated TESB Lyons Maid wrappers

Household - Added duvet sets from Hayjax and unknown manufacturer, Penshiel UK ROTJ pyjamas, and Northlight R2-D2 lamp

Print media - Added ROTJ storybooks and updated Scandecor posters

Sound & Vision - Added Magnetic Video UK advert and Story of Star Wars cassette

Production - Added TESB and 2x Ep IX crew tee shirts, and Solo hoodie

19 July 2020

Action Figures - Updated Mailer boxes photo with Rancor Keeper

Vehicles - Added 'Unbeatable Offers' PDT-8 in mailer box

School Supplies - Added Thomas Salter Wicket the Ewok Transfer set

Food - Updated Dairylea collection photo with Bespin box, and added

Dairy Time Star Wars Yogurts store display poster

Household - Added Vymura ICI Empire Wall Vinyl store display poster

Print Media - Added The Sun newspaper feature from October 1977, 1979 Hamleys catalogue, bootleg Hildebrandt poster and Scandecor droids poster

Cinema - Added Triple Bill ticket stubs

Production - Added Ep VIII Action Vehicles crew tee shirt


17 May 2020

Vehicles - Added Kenner X-Wing, Droids ATL Interceptor and Side Gunner

Accessories - Added Collectors Cases and Laser Rifle Case

Toys & Games - Added board games, Play-Doh and Airfix competition poster

Production - Added Droids and Ewoks animation cels


8 May 2020

Vehicles - Added Bilogo TIE Interceptor

Accessories - Added Bilogo Ewok Village playset

Toys & Games - Added several Airfix kits


18 April 2020

Action Figures - Updated loose and carded action figure photos.

Toys & Games - Added Acamas masks and bootleg Space Battle Target Game.

Sound & Vision - Added Sonic All-Stars 8-track cassette

Cinema - Added advertisements from Screen International magazine


9 February 2020

Accessories - Added Kenner Droid Factory playset.

Toys & Games - Added Acamas costumes and Airfix kits.

School Supplies - Updated HC Ford and Fascal Stickers photos.

Food - Updated Kiln Craft and bootleg mugs photos.

Household - Updated Icarus photos and added Scanlite lampshade and bootleg money boxes.

Print Media - Added Anabas poster and catalogue page.

Fan Club - Added Empire pencils.


8 February 2020

Accessories - Added Palitoy price list and Darth Vader autograph.

Toys & Games - Added catalogues and price lists.

School Supplies - Updated Frankel & Roth bags.

Food - Added Wimpy transfers and Initial Stickers wrapper, and updated Thermos lunch boxes.

Household - Added ICI Vymura wallpaper items and Factors T-shirt transfers, and updated Recticel Sutcliffe play mat and Smile coin purses.

Print Media - Added several items.

Fan Club - Added numerous items.

Sound & Vision - Added cassette tapes and Battle for Endor promotional items, and updated video tapes and computer games.

Cinema - Added Double and Triple Bill posters, Jedi ticket application form, Triple Bill ticket, and Caravan of Courage items.

27 October 2019

Separated Vehicles and Accessories pages.

Vehicles - Added several vehicles.

Accessories - Added several playsets and cases.

Toys & Games - Updated Palitoy Kite and added Jigsaws.

School Supplies - Updated Fun Products stickers.

Food - Updated Topps bubblegum cards, and Dairylea photos.

Fan Club - Added Jedi welcome pack.

Sound & Vision - Added Empire video store giveaway poster.

Production - Added The Last Jedi ILM VFX T-shirt.

22 September 2019

Action Figures - Added Trilogo boxed Rebo Band.

Accessories - Added many vehicles, creatures and playsets.

Food - Added Walls Sausages advert and mailaway transfers.

Print Media - Added Book Token, Marvel Comics and TESB licensee folder

Cinema - Added Empire Day postcard.

Production - Added ILM VFX Crew 1999 Patch

Childhood - Added my first Topps trading card.


8 September 2019

Accessories - Added and updated several playsets and vehicles.

Fan Club - Added Feb 1980 UK letter.

Food - Added Dairylea space scene box.

School supplies - Updated Factors ROTJ stickers and added Frankel & Roth bag.

Childhood - Added childhood drawings.

Production - Added TESB storyboards.


20 July 2019

Separated Action Figures and Accessories pages.

Action Figures - Added loose action figure photos.

Accessories - Added Imperial Troop Transporter and Kenner Land of the Jawas.

Added new Childhood page.

8 July 2019

Sound & Vision - Updated Super 8 pic and added Rainbow Dance Orchestra postcard.

Household - Added bootleg key rings on shop display card.

Print Media - Added Star Wars Weekly issues 1 to 3.

28 May 2019

Action Figures - Added several ROTJ and POTF boxed toys.


12 May 2019

Household - Updated Penshiel UK pyjamas and dressing gown pic.

Fan Club - Added new Fan Club page.

Toys & Games - Updated plush Ewoks with boxed Wicket W Warrick

6 May 2019

Action Figures - Updated TESB Wave 3 figures with additional Cloud Car Pilot.

School Supplies - Added bagged HCF stationery set.

Sound & Vision - Updated Rainbow book and cassette photo.

Cinema - Added ROTJ Lobby card set.

28 April 2019

Action Figures - Added TIE Fighter and Darth Vader's TIE Fighter.

Sound & Vision - Added May The Sound Be With You poster.

Production - Added Death Star surface and TIE Fighter wing section props.

23 April 2019

Action figures - Added several Palitoy and Kenner playsets and vehicles, and Darth Vader store display bust.

Toys & Games - Added Palitoy Destroy Death Star game.

School supplies - Added bagged Helix eraser.

Cinema - Updated photo for ROTJ quad poster 2.

06 April 2019

Action Figures - Added several Kenner vehicles, playsets, and display stands, and DT Luke figure.  Updated descriptions to carded Palitoy figures.

Household - Updated Recticel Sutclifffe playmat and added ROTJ Smile money bags.

03 April 2019

Food - Updated Deeko collection photo.

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